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General T's and C's

  • Kindly ensure that you adhere to the time you requested to be served. We arrive roughly 4 hours before the serving time and prepare the meat on a gas operated spit. We will collect all our equipment 1 hour after serving. Overtime of R120.00/hour per caterer will be levied should the agreed serving time not be met.
  • Any changes to your function will have to be communicated to us in writing 7 days before the function.
  • Children under 10 will pay half price for the menu items selected but will pay full price for crockery and cutlery.
  • Children will pay full price for items on special.
  • All advertised promotions caries its own conditions, please enquire.
  • Any crockery, cutlery and/or equipment lost or damaged will be charged for.
  • As the host you will need to provide a safe, clean and in case of strong wind and/or rain a covered area which can be used to prepare your meat.
  • We require access to a kitchen with cold storage as well as hot and cold running water as part of our food preparation service.
  • Our spit machine requires a standard 220v (60Hz) electric outlet no more than 10m from where the spit will be positioned.
  • As the host you will provide us with a table or tables from which serving can be done.
  • All but weddings will be served out of our spit braai. Please ensure propper lightning.
  • It is your responsibility to provide storage containers for any left over food. Failure to provide such containers will result in us taking leftovers with us.
  • Spitbraaier is requested to be at the event location 4 to 5 hours before the main meal is served. The spitbraaier wil stay at the function for up to 1 hour after the agreed serving time. For every half hour,the spitbraaier stays at your function longer then the dedicated 1 hour ,the client must pay the spitbraaier R 60,00 in cash per every half an hour overtime.
  • Nothing ,exept the food,may be left behind for the client.
  • We do not accept liability for failure to provide services contracted to us due to circumstances out of our control which includes but is not limitted to;

a.Elecricity outages

b.Water outages




T's and C's relating to bookings and payments

  • 75% of payment wil be given back more then 1 month cancellation.
  • 1 Month and less cancellation no payments wil be given back ,but the date wil be shifted to another date.
  • Cheque payments is not accepted. Only cash or EFT

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